Sunday Morning Worship

Many generations of people have found spiritual growth and healing in this place. As one of the first churches in Evansville, Zion was originally a sanctuary for German immigrants who came to work in local factories and gathered in this building to pray and sing in their native German language.

In today’s shrinking world, Zion continues to provide a sanctuary on Sunday morning for those interested in the teachings of Jesus and how those teachings can help us experience and spread love, peace and justice.

Traditions such as lighting candles on the altar, singing accompanied by a pipe organ and a robed choir, the ringing of bells, and reading from Hebrew and Christian scriptures are combined with contemporary, challenging preaching, congregational responses and songs. Portions of the service are quiet and reflective.  In our worship services one can begin to connect with a small, caring community that has deep roots in this city, and broad connections through the UCC with others around the world who are on a similar journey.

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:30 AM and lasts about an hour. All are welcome!