We seek to respect and care about people who are homeless, as well as to understand and address issues related to homelessness in our community.

We serve dinner once a month at the United Caring Services (UCS) homeless shelter across the street from Zion. If you would like to help serve with us, please let us know at the Zion Center contact info on our welcome page (link above). Cooking experience is not required.

We have hosted events and programs associated with United Caring Services, including an art gallery for the Art in the Margins program. We continue to exhibit art work created by people in the program, with proceeds from the sale of artwork going to UCS. Most of our activities, classes and meals in the Zion Center are “pay what you can” or free so that no one is excluded. We embrace the joys and challenges of being with all of our neighbors in downtown Evansville.

Pastor Kim is currently serving the community as the  Co-Director of the City-County Commission on Homelessness.

Podcast on Coordinated Entry — Courier & Press reporter Jessie Higgins interviews Pastor Kim, co-director of the Homeless Services Council of Southwest Indiana and former director of United Caring Services, to talk about a program aimed coordinating Evansville’s homeless services.

July 2017 report on homelessness in Evansville by Channel 14 News