Kay Hummel’s Reflexology Plus

Kay Hummel, DNM, HHP, Reflexologist, & Reiki II Practitioner, is now seeing clients & offering self-health workshops at the Zion Center.  Kay offers her own unique style of “Blended-energy-flow Reflexology” to strengthen and connect to the body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate.  She integrates a blend of modalities learned through her studies in the field of Bio-Energetic Medicine.  Contact Kay for a consultation and a session  at 812-483-7195 or .  AADP since 2004.

 About KayKay

Kay Hummel is a Dr. of Natural Medicine and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.  Kay offers a suite of services designed to help individuals move into a better state of overall wellness.  She became a Certified Reflexologist as part of her own healing process to re define and further enhance her service to connect with her clients.  The modalities she incorporates include Homeopathy, Botanical and focalized Nutritional prescriptions, Flower Essences,  Sugar Handling Re-Set Program as well as customized detoxification plans design to bring the body back into a more natural balance and flow on the inside…where health is created so life can be enjoyed to its fullest!