Qigong: An Introduction to Chinese Healing Energy Practice, led by Richard Ogilvy

This class meets every Tuesday evening from 6:00 PM until around 7:00 PM. The class introduces gentle standing and sitting activities to relieve stress, calm and focus the mind, impart an increased sense of well being, awareness, and conscious balancing of internal life energy flows. Comfortable clothes and socks are recommended.

The class is donation based- pay what you can!

About the instructor:  Richard Ogilvy has maintained a life-long interest in alternative wellness and has been practicing qigong (chi-gong) for health and healing for over 16 years. He has attended trainings by three different teachers of qigong that taught chi self-massage, chi breathing, chi warmup and flexibility exercises as well as focusing on moving and nonmoving meditations and visualizations.

Call Richard at 812-430-5808 with questions, or just show up on Tuesday evening and try it, at your own pace.