Meditative Walking with Music

Meditative walking is practiced in many spiritual traditions, from the use of labyrinths and the cloister walk of Christian monastics, to the Zen practice of Kinhin, or the Tawāf of Islamic pilgrimage. Circumambulating–walking around sites designated as sacred while reciting mantras, sutras, scripture, or in silent prayer or reflection–is also practiced in Hindu, Judaism, Bahá’í, Tibetan Bön and other traditions. Similarly, breath-walking is a branch of yoga that focuses on particular breathing techniques while walking for physical and mental transformation. The many health benefits of combining mindfulness and walking are increasing recognized and studied.

The Zion Center invites you to experiment with meditative walking inside the 160-year-old sacred space that is the sanctuary of the Zion Church in downtown Evansville. Meditative music alternates with silence, the music often played by Zion’s organist Neal Biggers. You are welcome to stop by anytime between 10:30am and 11:30am on Tuesdays and walk/meditate for a few minutes or for the whole hour. Printed guides will be available if you would like examples from various traditions of ways to clear or focus your mind while walking.