Healthy Eating

At the Zion Center we are open to leaning about how our food choices contribute to the health and healing of our bodies, our spirits, our communities and our earth. Here you can find healthy lunches served by the Common Ground Community Kitchen, books on the subject in Linda’s Little Bookstore, and a wealth of knowledge from our growing health-conscience community.  You can also find options for obtaining produce and ingredients to prepare your own healthy meals at home.

Through our Organic Produce Club you can get organic fruits and veggies, from a distributor here in Indiana, at affordable prices, plus seasonal options from local farms! Pick up every Tuesday between 11:30am and 2pm at the Zion Center, or make other pickup arrangements. Contact Missie at or at 812-305-1424 for more information.

We are also a distribution center for Frontier Co-op, a cooperatively owned wholesaler of natural and organic products such as spices, herbs and teas, founded in 1976 and based in Iowa.  For more information about Frontier Co-op, go to or contact our local coordinator, Linda, at .