Spirit Share Group

We are continuing our study of Neil Douglas Klotz, meeting on alternate Wednesdays (check events calendar).  You may join the group at anytime.

Please let Pastor Kim know if you would like to join us on Wednesdays, by emailing him at revreising@zionucc.net.  

We are continuing our journey with Neil, utilizing his latest book;
ORIGINAL MEDITATION: The Aramaic Jesus and the Spirituality of Creation
The New Story about the Oldest Stories in the World Today apocalyptic predictions and images dominate popular culture and social media. Yet for most of our history, human consciousness focused on the mystery of beginnings, not endings. Our ancestors felt that the most powerful energy and clearest vision for the future could be found at our inception. They meditated on stories of the Great Beginning as the way to go forward.

Original Meditation is two books in one. First it investigates the ancient tradition of creation mysticism and shows how Western culture became sidetracked into an increasingly narrow, apocalyptic world view. Second, it shows how we can begin to recover an authentic meditation on our shared beginnings, a meditation that can bring us into a more embodied and compassionate present. To help us on our way, Neil Douglas-Klotz offers us a living anthology of voices, from a mystical view of the first chapters of Genesis, to the Aramaic words of Jesus, to translations of mystical voices like Jelaluddin Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Meister Eckhart and the Jewish Kabbalists.

Uniting the native spirituality of the Middle East with Western creation spirituality, we catch a glimpse of the life-affirming energy of “beginning-time” and experience what it means to be fully human in today’s world.

This book is available on Amazon, not in the library. If you don’t have access to the book, don’t let that be a barrier for continuing the journey, we will work something out…

Peace & Light,