Below is a video of music and readings for the Seventh Sunday of this Easter season, May 24, also knows as Ascension Sunday.  The video is compiled by our Minister of Music Neal Biggers, with the help of musicians from Zion and neighboring St. Lucas UCC.

Link to St. Lucas UCC Services Page where you can find a new prayer/announcement video and message video by the Rev. Lynn Martin each Sunday morning, which he has offered to share with our Zion community.  His announcement video contains a meaningful Memorial Day tribute this week.

If you are interested in other local UCC worship options, you can watch past services at Christ Church UCC on YouTube by clicking here and selecting the date of service.

Below are links to additional resources you can use during these stay-at-home days for nurturing spiritual/mental/ physical health, including some of the practices typically offered here at the Zion Center for Spiritual Development and Healing.

Warmup exercises for feet, legs and hips, by Richard Ogilvy:

Warmup exercises for the neck, arms, shoulders and back, by Richard Ogilvy:

Qigong with Sr. Rosel
A 16-minute session of gentle movements led by a Catholic nun, on YouTube.

Body of Christ Meditation – on 1 Corinthians 12
A YouTube video presented by the Rev. Shannon Abbott of St. Peter’s UCC, Carmel, Indiana.

Head and Shoulders, Arms and Hands
Practices to release tension, by the Rev. Shannon Abbott of St. Peter’s UCC, Carmel, Indiana, on YouTube.

An Introduction to Walking Meditation
A 5-minute audio introduction, which you may extend on your own, indoors or out. Supplement with your own gentle background music if you like.

About Zion

Zion has been a center of spiritual growth and healing in downtown Evansville, Indiana for more than 170 years ago.  Early immigrants from Germany built this church and services were in German for many years.

Under normal circumstances, the Zion UCC congregation has a traditional worship service at 10:30am on Sunday mornings, and the Zion Center for Spiritual Development and Healing has provided an array of activities as you can see under the “Spirituality and Healing” tab above.

We are currently in a period of transition as we look for a new pastor and seek to discern the leading of the Spirit for the future of Zion Church and Center.  For now, you can stay in touch with us through a weekly video and updates on this page, and by checking out our Facebook page.

Peace be with you!

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Contact us by Email at:  zionucc@zionucc.net